The Department is a member of the OPTIMALE (Optimising Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe) network, which aims to address ongoing issues such as:

  • mapping translator training within the EU, accession countries and third countries;
  • monitor the changing nature of the translation professions in the age of the internet;
  • enhance recognition and image of the translation professions within the EU and beyond;
  • identify and disseminate best teaching and learning practices and strengthen ties with the language industries.

   The network has just started its activities. The Department intends to take an active part in many of its undertakings. We will host regional meetings and contribute in other ways to its success. 




   The Baltic Sea Region Universities’ Network is a network uniting universities in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea. One of its areas of activities is quality and qualifications of translation studies. Members of the network share experience and expertise intranslator and interpreter training in the form of annual meetings, workshops and publications. 

   The Department has been an active member in the activities of the network. We launched its first meeting in 2006 in Vilnius and took part in all events afterwards. Other members include departments of translation and interpretation studies of the University of Turku, the University of Latvia, the Universities of Tartu and Tallinn, the University of Kaliningrad, the University of Gdansk and a few others.  


DGT and DGI, Lithuanian Language Units 



   The main goal is an enhancement of translator and interpreter training, increasing the professional levels of both translators and interpreters that are trained in the two programmes the Department is running. The DGT offers pedagogical assistance during visits of the staff members or those working in Vilnius. We, on our part, provide support and expertise in the field of terminology and translation theory in the joint terminological projects or lectures.

   Furthermore, DGT provides placements for the students, thus allowing them to get first-hand knowledge of the profession. It is possible that our collaboration in this field will increase if some funding will be received for the students’ stay in Luxembourg.  


Centre culturel français


   One of the most active institutional partners in Lithuania is Centre culturel français. The main goal is enhancement and promotion of French as the language of translation and interpreting.

   The cooperation takes many different forms. The Centre works together with the Embassy of France. They invite native speakers as trainers of French to train our students, support students’ placements in France, providing up to 4 bursaries per year, organise film watching days, lectures, concerts and many other activities. Translation is one of their priorities.


Aarhus School of Business, Denmark


   The goal is to share experience and enhance translator training. Last spring a team of 6 teachers visited Aarhus to take part in the lectures, to see how they organise work with students, how they provide career guidance, etc.

  The cooperation with this university started at the time the Department was established. A team of ASB came to Vilnius to share expertise in conducting different translation courses, terminology and lexicography. Now, almost 10 years later, we have exchanged visits once again and profited a lot.


The University of Leeds, UK


   The cooperation with Leeds has taken many forms. One of the most recent initiative is an on-going project, ORCIT, focusing on interpreter training. The leading partner in the project is the University of Leeds. Other partners are the University of Westminster, UK, and the University of Bilkent, Turkey.

   The Department has collaborated with the University of Leeds in a number of projects, ORCIT being the most recent. Its goal is to create an on-line programme for training interpreters.


Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany


   Every year Flensburg Unversity of Applied Sciences – Fachhochschule Flensburg – offers grants to our students of German to study technical translation. 

   They have hosted 8 students.


Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany


   We established contacts with Cologne University of Applied Sciences – Fachhochschule Köln – in 2007 and have cooperated ever since with a view to enrich translator and interpreter training in German.

   We have exchanged students and teachers, Prof. Kalina is coming to read lectures in Vilnius, and thus support training at the Department, but more often in the field of interpreting.


Angers Universite Catholique de l'Ouest, France


   Cooperation with Angers has taken different forms. Every year we send students and receive lecturers from this universityon the basis of bilateral agreements in the context of joint projects, Erasmus agreements and support through the Embassy of France in Lithuania. 

   Two professors from Angers Universite Catholique de l'Ouest, Anita Le Couedic and Pierre Bouillon, delivered lectures and seminars in Vilnius on December 7–10, 2011; 4 of students of French translation attended a course in Angers during the 4 weeks in November 2011. 

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